What to Wear to a Kentucky de Mayo/Cinco de Derby Party

Well, now that it’s officially MAY and no longer “gonna be May” and all the *NSYNC memes are old and over with…what comes next?!

I think the month is already setting up for an exciting kickstart, as we see Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby clashing together on the same day this year on May 5th. But why clash, when you can collaborate on a special day like this?

Enter: Kentucky de Mayo/Cinco de Derby Party.

Ok, I can’t take credit for the names since they were the actual names listed on the party invitations I received for this weekend. But what I can contribute and help you out with is figuring out what does one wear to such party?

I’ve scoured the internet for the best outfits to help keep your style game strong for the festivities.

If you’re leaning more towards a Cinco De Mayo style…

ASOS DESIGN Off Shoulder Midi Sundress In Spliced Floral – ASOS 



SAN DIEGO HAT | Tassel Straw Fedora – Nordstrom Rack

I love this bright off-the-shoulder Mexican printed dress paired with this fun fedora with tassels. The combination makes this the perfect outfit to partake in all the Cinco de Mayo festivities out there.

Or if the Kentucky Derby style is more your cup of tea…

Chi Chi London Printed Satin Midi Prom Dress  – ASOS


Free Press Tropical Embroidery Floppy Hat – Nordstrom Rack

Oh my gosh- how cute is this hat?! I think this hat from Nordstrom Rack would pair perfectly with this ASOS derby day dress. I definitely think the tropical embroidery on the hat is a nice touch & brings a Cinco de Mayo flair to the overall outfit.

But if you’re not much of a hat girl, or think it’ll be too much of a hassle (or risk of it being blown away!) to wear to a party- try wearing a fascinator instead. To  me, fascinators are more fun to wear just because of how unique some of them can be and it’s definitely a lot more secure on your head. Plus they are super cute!


ASOS Simple Hair Fascinator

Last but not least….

Tie your outfit all together with a pair of wedges. My friend Alex always told me that I should open a shoe store called “Nedj’s Wedges”. Maybe one day (a girl can dream!). But since the weather is finally warmer, what a great excuse to go get a pedicure and show off those wedges you got on winter clearance.


Crown Vintage Elelalian Wedge Sandal – DSW


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