So, what exactly is a Nedj?


To tell you the truth, “What’s a Nedj?” was actually conceptualized when a 14-year-old girl wanted to brand her MySpace in a fun and quirky way. From there, it shifted into a username used across many social media accounts, would occasionally be brought up into question at a social gatherings for me to answer, and eventually made its way to become this very own personal lifestyle blog. But I think it’s fair to finally answer my branded rhetorical question- “OK, so what is a Nedj?” after all these years.

Well, the obvious answer is Nedj (short for Nedjla),  is a nickname that I’ve gone by pretty much since elementary school. I was born & raised around the Northern Virginia area. I graduated from James Madison University (go Dukes!) with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts & Design, concentrating in Corporate Communications and a minor in Music Industry. I’m currently living in Richmond, Virginia with my husband David, and our dog-like cat, Stormy.

I created this blog to be used as a creative outlet to really express what a Nedj is. Being recently married, I want to capture this exciting new chapter in m life. I’m a huge music enthusiast – so I may share my current favorite artists and/or songs. I’m also a beauty junkie – I love trying out new makeup or skin care products. Traveling is second nature to me, as I used to fly the long 20-hour flights to Malaysia every summer since I was a born. And of course, I consider myself a huge foodie- so count on me sharing a few of my favorite places to eat in RVA and in NOVA.

I’m really excited to finally launch this blog and so excited for you all to follow along! Your support means more to me than you’ll ever know.

xoxo, Nedj

Disclaimer: Currently, all products featured on are purchased with my own money.  Therefore, you can count on my honest feedback & opinion in any review I write.